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Shiloh Shepherd Friends

Chaos' Wild Lily of the West
This takes you directly to Lily's pages
Shadow Hill Shiloh Shepherds
Beautiful smooth puppies available occasionally
Raid The Wind Shiloh Shepherds
Puppies occasionally
Majestic Knights Shiloh Shepherds
Puppies available occasionally
Our Shilohs Webring Hub
Find all the top information links on Shiloh Shepherd breeders, puppies, family companions, pictures, breed info, history, health, pedigrees, registries, clubs and more!!!


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Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees

Some pedigrees of the ancestors
Some pedigrees of our own dogs at Noble Acres
Noble Acres Pedigrees


Friends of Rumble


Pet Food

Premium Edge
This is what we use at Noble Acres
You guys might want to check this out. It seems that some brands of dog food have the same poisons used for euthanasia. Mostly just the cheap brands though.


Here's a short list of pet catalogs for those of you with too much money on your hands and are just dying to find the right stuff to buy for your babies.

I would advise calling the toll free number and asking them to send a catalog. Much easier to browse through than the web.

Fosters & Smith

KV Vet Supply

The Dog's Outfitter

Care-A-Lot (my favorite)



OFA Health Registry
The OFA registry for hips, elbows, heart, etc.

Home site for PennHip
Poop eating
Fred Lanting on Hips
Not to scare anyone, but unfortunately bloat is a problem in the Shiloh breed. It seems like every month it hits another dog of someone I know. Please, at least take the time to read the symptoms I've copied here. Explain them to your family members so they know the situation needs immediate attention if your dog shows symptoms. If your dog bloats, his/her life will depend on how fast you get him/her to the emergency vet.

The first link I provided explains what bloat is and how it is treated. The second link is very graphi
The Purdue study is definately worth looking at.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
The German Shepherd Dog Illustrated Standard
Reading Human Emotions reading human emotions
Q. What are the basic human emotions?
A. There are seven that have very clear facial signals - anger, sadness,
fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and happiness.
UK National German Shepherd Dog Help Line



Nothing in Life is Free
Animal Well Being
Tellington Touch
Clicker Solutions Recommended Reading List

Clicker Solutions Training Articles
Clicker Solutions Training Treasures
Clicker Solutions web site

Leader of the Pack- Training Methods
Training from the dog's point of view. Teaching without Punishing. A detailed description of the methods and techniques to train dogs without using any corrections or punishiments.



"Adorable Dog Tags" - Custom Dog Tags, Pet Tags
Pet Tags
Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit now for tons of free dog stuff!
Your Purebred Puppy Shiloh Shepherds - What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em



Canine Color Genetics Links
Coat Colors In The German Shepherd Dog by Sahiela
stuff about GSD colors, not bad.
German Shepherd Patterns, Colors, Coat Lengths & More by Al Shep (?)
a very nice color pic gallery
Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs by Sheila Schmutz
nice article with good pics, all basic colors and patterns.
Deafness in Dogs & Cats by George M. Strain
some stuff about merle and spotting.
Canine Health
Animal Genetics by Sue Ann Bowling
Breeding by Jerold Bell
Breeders Assistant
GSD Genetics










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