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They're finally here!!! Indy and Bo blessed us with 10 new babies on May 19th. We have six lovely girls and four handsome boys. Two of the girls are brown sables and the rest of the puppies are duals (either black/cream or black/tan). All of the puppies will be plush.


This is our second breeding of this pair. We got excellent temperaments, good health, and beautiful conformation from the last breeding. These puppies will be extra smart and have a great sense of humor like their dad. Though we originally thought the litter was sold, we had a lot more than we expected and now have a few puppies available to select homes.












Week Two


black girl

blue boy

cream/green boy

purple girl


willie boy




Here are some pictures of the first week. We'll keep you updated each week so come back and check.








green girl

orange girl

orange/blue girl


red boy

red/cream girl


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