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New Beginnings




The Shiloh Shepherd - New beginnings

Slowly through the years Shiloh Shepherd breeders have been leaving the registry/club of origin (ISSR/SSDCA) to be joined by others who are brave enough to make their own way through the perils and hardships of making a new breed come to a realization. Although the founder vows that it can't be done because she is the only one who "holds the recipe", the proof is in the number of these "breakaway" breeders, and the final show of temperaments and conformation that adhere to the breed standard written by her. In addition, because of the extensive health testing done by the "breakaway" breeders, we can claim far greater health standards.

From the founder's own
Matrix it can be seen that breeders leave the organization at an amazing rate. Although the founder claims breeders leave because of greed, it just doesn't make sense. Why would EVERYONE leave to trek out on their own because of greed? Or does it make more sense that after they are there long enough to see what is REALLY going on that they leave out of respect for the breed? And doesn't it make more sense that many more get forced out when they try to question the lies, the secrets, and the show of pure hatred cast upon those who dare not conform to the "program"? It happens over and over, year after year. One good ethical breeder after another. And they're still leaving the ISSR!!!

Here are a few facts that I am sure a lot of newer people may not know. The Shiloh Shepherd became a rare breed in 1991. That means it has only been called Shiloh Shepherds for 13 years. How many know that us "splinters" have been "splinters" since 1997? So if you do the math we have been around more than half the years the breed has been in existence :-)

Another fact is that many of us have been around a long time. Some before the Shiloh Shepherd was called Shilohs. Many of us have been around since 1992, '93, '94, '95, '96. We are compiling a list of non-ISSR breeders that are still actively breeding and the year they became involved with the Shiloh Shepherd. It may shock those that have listened to the propaganda on how there are just a few of us that will not last long. In fact, if you look at the ISSR breeders matrix, there are NO breeders still with them and actively breeding before 1996! Even then, there are only 2 breeders still around since 1996, 2 since 1997, 2 since 1998, and 2 actively breeding from 1999. I would think that would make new people take pause at why no one stays with that organization!

To remove ourselves from the ISSR is the only way for some of us to continue breeding to the high standards we set for ourselves. To remove ourselves from the ISSR is the only way we believe we could, in good conscience, continue breeding the dogs we all love so much. The backlash for this is that we get called "puppymills" by those people who are so fearful of losing puppy sales. But by God, we've quickly climbed to the top just by our good reputations!

These non-ISSR breeders are showing in the top rarebreed shows and WINNING!!! They are breeding the TOP dogs in the country! They are not ashamed of their dogs and can be found all over the country showing them off and competing against other Shiloh Shepherds and rare breeds. The dogs from these kennels are doing SAR work, therapy, herding, obedience, agility and more! They have a terrific following from their puppy buyers because they stand by the puppies they raise in their homes/kennels.

At the founder's own Homecoming event in 2001 Dr George Padgett held a seminar and stated that the Shiloh Shepherd MUST have an OPEN genetic data base to get control of genetic disease. Data was collected and a profile drawn up and published on the internet. But the information was never made available to the breeders to aid in their selection of genetically suitable mates for their dogs. At this time the "breakaway" breeders have already set up a database that is filling with information quite rapidly. The information is made public and will stay public. Being open and honest about our genetic problems is the only way to address the issues - and we're the only Shiloh Shepherd breeders doing this!

Through the years there have been a number of attempts by Shiloh Shepherd breeders to regroup. Not to say that these small groups/registries aren't getting along on their own. On the contrary, they're doing just fine in their own small groups. But now the Shiloh Shepherd breeders are once again together and are beginning to outshine even what the ISSR once was in its heyday.

And now we are resurrecting the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC)! I hope to see all the Shiloh Shepherd breeders, enthusiasts, and family members join in membership. We have so many exciting things coming up for our breed, wonderful ideas to breed better and healthier dogs, and now we all have a chance to be a part if it, together.

International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club, ISSDC

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